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Custom Dogs Brembo & Cayman

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Two dashing Border Collies, Brembo & Cayman created December 2015.

Please read the comment below  :)

Custom Dog Madison

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Adorable pup, Madison complete with rainbow tag and collar created December 2015.

 The start of her modeling career! 

Custom Cat Humphrey

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Stunning Orange Kitty, Humphrey created July 2015.

Purrfectly happy together! 

Custom Dog Maxine

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Beautiful Shepard, Maxine with heart charm & rhinestome collar created March 2015.

"She is beautiful. I love her!! Thank you for making her. Maxine loves her too." - AC

Custom Cat Moke

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Sweet kitty, Moke created in December 2014 complete with whiskers. 

"This is perfect, the markings are spot on and the detail is amazing. I love how you kind of got his name in the ears, that is a detail that is really above and beyond." - JS

Custom Dog Bowie

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My latest custom, Bowie.  A Good Luck charm for a friend going off to Vet school.

"Thanks I love it!! This is awesome! It looks exactly like her!" - MM


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